Kiwanis Club of Haverhill, Mass.

Club Policy

Revised and approved on March 18, 2015


1.         A club policy shall be adopted by the Board of Directors and be published as an Appendix to the Club By-Laws and a copy thereof shall be distributed to each new officer and director of the club before the beginning of each administrative year and to any member who makes the request.  Every new member will have a copy of the Club Policy contained in the new member kit.

2.   These policies shall remain in effect until altered in total or in part by a vote of the Board of Directors as set forth in said policy or negated by an amendment to the Club By-Laws.

3.   Should there be any conflict with the Club By-Laws; the club By-Laws shall supersede the club policy.


The policy statements contained herein having been ratified by the Board of Directors, are a set of instructions giving the methods to be followed by all members of the Kiwanis Club of Haverhill, Mass. for the performance of those features of operation that it is desired to stabilize, formalize, and become automatic procedure.  They are to serve as a guide of administrative procedures for our officers, directors, and members of our club.  The policy should help us to achieve our primary objective of operating an effective service organization with an optimum of efficiency and effectiveness.


Kiwanis Club of Haverhill, Massachusetts

Club Policies

1.   The first regular meeting of the members each month following the regular board meeting shall be an open meeting.  At this meeting the President shall report the action of the board to the membership for their information.  At this meeting, the internal club drawing will take place, the attendance (at our regular weekly meetings) drawing for the preceding month will take place, there will be no invited speaker. Guests should not be invited to this meeting.

2.   Other than the annual installation, the club will hold at least one more self supporting social program for its members and guests with no formal program.

3.   In each administrative year there shall be one program chairperson who will coordinate all weekly programs.  This chairperson will then appoint a member for each month to obtain the programs for that calendar month.

  1. Social functions of this club shall be self-supporting. However,by a vote of the Board of Directors at a regular meeting, exceptions to this policy may be approved.  The only pre-approved exception is the outgoing President’s gift (up to $200) at the Installation Dinner.                                                      

    5.   All expenditures voted by the Board of Directors must be acted upon at their regular monthly meeting.  For purposes of clarification, no expenditure in any amount can be approved by the Board of Directors at a meeting held at other than the regular monthly meeting unless all members of the board of directors are present.

    6.   Any single expenditure of $100.00 or more, whether budgeted or not, MUST BE voted ON by the Board of Directors.  Line items in the annual budget are not automatic expenditures but must be acted upon           individually within the scope of the previous sentence.  Items that are not line items in the budget must be referred to the finance committee, unless the entire directors present vote to make an exception, or the amount is less than $300.00

    7.   All functions of this club, whether external or internal, administrative or charitable, shall use the treasury of this club as the depository for and the expenditure of funds.

8.   The club will allow for 52 weeks of speaker’s meals in each administrative year to be paid for from the funds of the club.  When the speaker’s meals are not used, the unused funds will be transferred to the administrative fund at the end of the administrative year.

9.      The net from the club’s monthly member only drawing shall be used exclusively for the expenses incurred by our club to send the President-Elect to the International Convention, or, if the president-elect chooses not to attend the international convention to pay the registration fees for up to three delegates to the District Convention and for club officer representation at one other District Conference or Training session

10. Expenses for the President-Elect to attend the International Convention shall use the following guidelines if                  the funds are available and after the recommendation of the finance committee:

A.   Registration fee charged by International for President-Elect & Guest.

B.   Round trip airfare for President-Elect by the most direct and inexpensive route.

C.   Room in District Hotel for President-Elect & Guest for the length of the convention up to a maximum of five days.

  1. Per Diem of $50.00 per day for the length of the convention up to a maximum of five days. This is to be advanced before the convention.
  2. Upon presentation of receipts, the president-elect will be reimbursed at the next regular meeting of the board of directors.

11. Registration expenses for three delegates or their alternates to the District Convention, District Conference or District Training session, shall be voted on by the Board of Directors after recommendation by the finance committee.

12. No more than 10% of the charitable funds raised during any one administrative year, shall be deposited in the reserve fund.  The reserve fund shall not exceed $30,000.00.   After the recommendation of the finance committee, expenditures from the reserve fund in excess of $1.00 shall be referred to the membership for their information and non-binding vote and before the vote of the Board of Directors

13. There shall be no solicitation for money of our members at any meeting of our club by any person or organization for any cause or purpose whether it is charitable or not.  Speakers are to be informed of this policy and asked to direct a written request for funding to the board of directors. The two exceptions will be each sponsored youth organization if permission is granted by the Board of Directors at a regular meeting.  The other exception is members of other Kiwanis Clubs or visitors from any Kiwanis organization

14.   Financial support for the service leadership programs  (Key Club, Circle K and Builder’s club), shall not                 exceed the sum allocated in the club’s budget for the year unless recommended by the finance committee and voted on by the board of directors.  Each amount requested by the SLP’s from the budgeted figure shall be acted on separately by the Board of Directors

15. A member of the clergy, who has been appointed chaplain of the club, shall have his/her dues paid from the administrative fund of the club. If there is more than one member who is a member of the clergy, this post is to be held on a rotating basis.

16. By a vote of the  Board of Directorss a stipend may be offered to each of the Treasurer and the Secretary.  This stipend, if accepted by either or both officers may be applied to dues, meals, & special events. This stipend shall not be transferable to anyone other than the duly elected or appointed officer fulfilling the role of treasurer or secretary. There will be no other remuneration paid at this time.

 17. The attendance of the Service Leadership Programs (Circle K, Key Club and builder’s club) members at the club’s regular meetings shall be reimbursed from the charitable fund. And further, a sponsored youth member may not attend more than one meeting in each calendar month.

18. When capital donations are made by this club to an organization for a specific building or project, it will not be the responsibility of the club to maintain the building or project.

19. There shall be no donations made by this club, from either the Charitable Foundation or the Administrative Fund to the regularly funded operational budget of any charitable or non-profit organization.

20.   All the chairpersons of standing committees shall be appointed by the incoming president and instructed in their duties and responsibilities

21. All the Past Presidents who are members of this club shall meet informally with the President-Elect during September of each year to discuss the coming administrative year starting on October 1. The date, time and place of this meeting will be determined by the President-Elect.An Advisory Team will be established at the beginning of the new fiscal year (October 1st) to assist the Club’s President, President-Elect and Vice-President in understanding and performing their duties.  The Advisory Team will meet with the three officers on a monthly basis or as needed with a minimum of four times per year, to assist them in better understanding the history of the club including but not limited to events, activities and community support, etc. The Advisory Team will consist of the Immediate Past President and two to three other members in good standing as appointed by the Board of Directors.

22. The Board of Directors, consisting of at least 4 and up to eight members, other than the officers shall always have at least one member from the Past Presidents of the club.  This Past President will be a member other than the Immediate Past President.  A director who misses 3 consecutive board meetings without explanation will be removed from the Board at the next board meeting.

23. Newly nominated members to the Board of Directors shall have been a member of the club for a minimum of one year, by the date on which the office is assumed.  Members of the club nominated for the office of President. President-Elect and Vice President must have served at least year as a director, or  one year as secretary or treasurer with four years as a member, by the date on which the office is assumed.  The nominating committee shall ascertain that all nominees have fulfilled the attendance requirements as spelled out in item 28 of this policy for the immediate preceding administrative year, before offering a nominee for candidacy.

24. Any Past President who serves as advisor to the presiding President will not be a member of the Board of Directors.

25. All committee reports made to the Board of Directors or to the membership of the club must be the recommendations of the majority of the reporting committee and not that of a chairman acting unilaterally or a minority report unless it is so stated in the report.

26. Attendance by the club officers and directors shall be mandatory at all regular meetings of the Board of Directors.

27. All new members of this club shall be strongly encouraged to attend at least three board meetings during the first six months of their membership and participate in service projects / fund raisers held during this time. This will be the responsibility of the sponsoring member.

28.  All new members will wear a new member badge for three (3) months.

29   Each year the Incoming Budget and Finance Committee will review the dues structure and prepare a budget recommendation for review by the new Board of Directors before the beginning of the Administrative Year.  The budget is to be approved at the first meeting of the Administrative Year (Oct).  The approved dues structure will be presented to the members at the next open meeting and voted upon at the following open meeting (Nov).

30. Dues, special events and prepaid meals are to billed/paid as follows:

Note* All members except Life membership are required by Kiwanis Inetrnational By-Laws to pay International, District and local dues.

 Option #1- For those active members sponsored by a business or organization,  A single invoice will be mailed at the beginning of the club itial 24 meals have been reached, the club treasurer will issue a supplemental statement quarterly, based on the frequency of the members attendance.

Option #2- For those active members who  pay for their  membership personally   Quarterly invoices will be prepared as of October 1st , one fourth of the annual dues, Honors Night and Installation, and the full amount of 12 meals. Quarterly invoices will be prepared by January 1st , April 1st,  and July 1st  reflecting one fourth of the annual dues, Honors Night, and Installation,  if the 12 meals are not used in one quarter, the balance will be carried over to the next quarter. All meals after the initial 12 will be billed in the next quarterly statements after attended. A final statement of all outstanding charges will be prepared by September 30th  . All outstanding charges must be paid in full before next year’s billingg year, October 1st, for the full amount of the annual dues plus Honors Night and Installation, and 24 meals. Once the in

Senior member- Will be billed annually on October 1st for dues, and 12 meals with the option to pay in full or semi-annual. Statements to be issued on April 1st and September 30th  for meals in excess of the initial 12.

Life member- Will be billed annually on October 1st for District and Local dues. Will pay for meals and events as attended or be billed on April 1st and September 30th for meals and events attended but not paid.

Honorary member- Shall be a guest of the club as decided in advance, or pay for meals and events as an attending guest.

  Option #3-      For those members who can not regularly attend meetings or have other special circumstances, alternative payment options on meals and special events may be arranged with the following procedure:

Members may submit to the Board, in writing prior to the October Board meeting or as soon as the special circumstance arises, a request for reduced assessment due to stated circumstances. The vote of the Board will  determine the adjusted assessment. However, for these individuals membership dues must still be paid on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis, as noted above.

** Treasurer may send statements to any member as warranted to assure that membership remains in good standing

31.   At the Board meeting in September and March, the accounts of members in arrears of their financial obligations shall be reviewed. Members in arrears or default will be given written notice by the secretary, and an opportunity to rectify their account.  At the next board  of directors  meeting, a decision will be made to continue or terminate the membership.

A member so terminated may be re-instated by applying to the Board and bringing his/her account current.

32. The nominating committee and its chair person will be appointed by the President at the March meeting of the Board of Directors and approved by the Board of Directors.  This committee shall consist of at least five (or all past presidents if there are less than 5) past presidents but will not exceed seven.

33. The policy committee shall consist of six members who shall serve for a three year term with two terms expiring each administrative year.  Three designated spots on this committee shall be held by the preceding three presidents.  If any of these are unable to serve, the position will proceed to the next closest Past President.  One new member will be appointed each year by the current president for a three year term. The current president will designate one of the three member appointees as the chairperson.

34. This policy can only be amended by the Board of Directors at a regular monthly board meeting provided that the amendment has been presented at the preceding regular monthly board meeting and published ice in a weekly bulletin, mailed to the membership or made available to members at the weekly meeting for two weeks.

35. Weekly meetings are to be held on Tuesday at 12:15 unless the City of Haverhill cancels school or other arrangements have been made and announced at a previous meeting.